The Durham Ox has a a large 45 seater restaurant  with its own dedicated bar, and food is prepared by our professional chef’s using local produce.  From a bar snack to a complete meal, we cater for all tastes. We also have our cosy bar area where you can sit and eat.  

Our menu is varied and covers starters, fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, salads, meat dishes along with sides, sweets and homemade desserts.

Durham Ox Menu


To Begin

Soup of The Day

Homemade soup served with crusty bread 4.95

Arancini Balls

Lightly crushed leek & mozzarella risotto balls. Served with an Italian tomato sauce & drizzled with pea & mint coulis 5.45 

Prawn & Crayfish Cocktail

Greenland Luxury prawns & crayfish on a bed of tossed salad with a homemade Marie rose sauce & Barra Gallega bread 7.95

Caprice Salad

Slices of tomato, mozzarella cheese with fresh basil leaves, drizzled with olive oil & balsamic glaze. Served with crusty bread 4.50


Lightly coated & deep fried whitebait, with a wedge of fresh lemon & balsamic glaze 5.75

Mexican Nachos

Tortilla chips topped with Jalapeno peppers, melted cheese, sour cream, guacamole & salsa 5.95



Cow Pie

Homemade Steak & Ale pie, a proper pie with a short crust pastry top & bottom, served with homemade chips & mushy peas 11.25

Honey Roasted Ham

Gorgeous hand cut honey roast ham served with homemade chips, free range egg & garden peas 9.25

Liver & Bacon

Pan fried liver & bacon on a bed of wholegrain mustard mash or blue cheese mash, lashings of red wine gravy & seasonal vegetables 10.25

Thimbleby Chicken

Chargrilled fillet of chicken topped with cheddar cheese, bacon & BBQ sauce, served with homemade chips & salad garnish 11.95

Chicken Jack

Chargrilled chicken fillet in a homemade creamy Jack Daniels sauce, served with homemade chips & garden peas 11.95

Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad

Sliced chargrilled chicken breast with crispy bacon bits on a bed of Caesar dressed salad . Topped with homemade crunchy croutons & parmesan shavings. 10.95

Beef Lasagne 

Minced beef cooked in a rich homemade Italian sauce, sandwiched between layers of Lasagne & topped a creamy cheese sauce. Served with dressed leaves & garlic & herb bread. 10.50


From The Grill

Ribeye Steak

8oz chargrilled cut from, as the name suggests, a cow's rib section. It has a wonderful rich flavour & is very tender. Because there are pockets of fat in the steak 16.45

Sirloin Steak

10oz chargrilled cut from the upper middle of the cow. This is a part of the cow that doesn't do as much as, say, the shoulder, so it is very tender & well-marbled with fat 18.95

Fillet Steak

8oz chargrilled sliced from the 'Tenderloin', a fillet is the most succulent & tender cut available. with a buttery texture, subtle flavour & compact shape 22.50


Gammon Steak

10oz chargrilled, served with pineapple or free range egg 11.50

The Ox Mega Mixed Grill

steak, pork steak, lamb chop, gammon, Lincolnshire sausages  16.95


All the above steaks are cooked to your liking & are served with homemade chips, onion rings, mushrooms, tomatoes & garden peas.

Steak sauce

freshly prepared homemade sauces Peppercorn or Port & Stilton 2.50


The Ox's Burger

The Classic

Gourmet 100% Lincolnshire 1/4lb Beef Burger in a lightly toasted burger bap. Served with mixed salad, a pot of onion chutney, coleslaw & homemade chips 8.00

or make it a Double Burger 12.00


The Big Cheese

Gourmet 100% Lincolnshire 1/4lb Beef Burger in a lightly toasted burger bap, topped with Monterrey Jack, Stilton, Cheddar cheese in a lightly toasted burger bap. Served with a pot of onion chutney, mixed salad, coleslaw & homemade chips 9.50

or make it a Double Burger 13.50


The Boss

Gourmet 100% Lincolnshire 1/4lb Beef Burger in a lightly toasted burger bap, topped with crispy bacon, & Monterrey Jack Cheese in a lightly toasted burger bap. Served with a pot of onion chutney & mixed salad, coleslaw & homemade chips 12.00

or make it a Double Burger 16.00


BBQ Chicken

Chargrilled chicken breast in a lightly toasted burger bap. Topped with Monterrey Jack cheese & crispy bacon in a lightly toasted bap. Served with a pot of warm BBQ sauce, mixed salad, coleslaw & homemade chips 13.00



Salmon Fillet

Salmon fillet with a chilli & coriander dressing. Served with new potatoes & seasonal vegetable 12.25

Salmon Salad

Salmon fillet on a bed of salad, apple slices & pine nuts. 11.95

Fish & Chips

Fresh Grimsby haddock in chefs own beer batter recipe. Served with homemade chips & mushy peas 10.75

Scampi in a basket

It's Back to the 70's with this traditional classic dish. Whitby breaded scampi served with homemade chips & homemade tartare sauce. 10.75

Bread & Butter 0.50

Tuna Stemperata

  Griddled tuna steak in a Stemperata sauce, made with capers, onions, tomatoes, garlic & olives. Served with crusty bread & salad 11.95



Spinach, Ricotta Cheese & Cannelloni

served with garlic bread & salad 10.25

Vegetable Lasagne

Tomato, capsicum, courgette, mushroom & aubergine, layered between green pasta sheets & topped with béchamel sauce. Served with garlic bread & salad. 10.25

Greek Salad

mixed leaves, olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, dressing, crusty bread & butter 9.95


A little extra

Side Of Chips 2.25

Bowl Of Chips 3.50

Bowls Of Olives 2.75

Garlic Bread 2.50

Seasonal Vegetables 2.75

Cheesy Chips 3.75

Beer Battered Onion Rings 2.75

Garden Side Salad 2.75

Fried Mushrooms 2.75

Coleslaw 1.50